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--If the bar is coloured it indicates where the evidence says he was or was likely to be during that time.
--If the bar has ?? it means that I have not discovered where he was during that time.
--If the bar is for a year rather than a month it means he was likely at that location until the date on the next bar.

The underlined text will take you to "His Story" starting at that point.

London, England
Born & educated
Boston/Cleveland 1871  
Port Hope, Ont. 1873  
Guelph, Ont 1876  
Denver, Colorado 1881 F
?? 1881 M
?? 1881 A
?? 1881 M
?? 1881 J
?? 1881 J
?? 1881 A
?? 1881 S
?? 1881 O
?? 1881 N
?? 1882 D
?? 1882 J
?? 1882 F
?? 1882 M
Portage La Prairie, Man. 1882 A
Portage La Prairie 1882 M
Portage La Prairie 1882 J
Portage La Prairie 1882 J
Portage La Prairie 1882 A
Portage La Prairie 1882 S
Portage La Prairie 1882 O
Portage La Prairie 1882 N
Portage La Prairie 1882 D
?? 1883 J
?? 1883 F
?? 1883 M
Brandon, Man. source 1883 A
Brandon, Man. 1883 M
Brandon, Man. 1883 J
Brandon, Man. 1883 J
Calgary, Alta. source 1883 A
Calgary, Alta. 1883 S
Calgary, Alta. 1883 O
Calgary, Alta. 1883 N
Calgary, Alta. 1883 D
?? 1884 J
?? 1884 F
?? 1884 M
?? 1884 A
Edmonton, Alta source 1884 M
?? 1884 J
Fort Pitt (somtime around here) 1884 J
?? 1884 A
Battleford, Sask. source 1884 S
Battleford, Sask. 1884 O
Battleford, Sask. 1884 N
Ft. Carlton, Sask. 1884 D
Regina, Sask source 1885 J
Regina, Sask 1885 F
Regina, Sask 1885 M
Regina, Sask 1885 A
Regina, Sask 1885 M
Regina, Sask 1885 J
Regina, Sask 1885 J
Regina, Sask 1885 A
Regina, Sask 1885 S
Regina, Sask 1885 O
Regina, Sask 1885 N
?? 1885 D
Guelph, Ont 1886  
Guelph, Ont 1887  
Guelph, Ont 1888  
Guelph, Ont 1889  
Victoria, BC 1890  
Fulford Harbour, Saltspring Isl., BC 1904  
Los Angeles, CA. 1917  
Coldstream, BC 1918  
Saltair, BC 1919  
Milnes Landing, BC 1921  
Milnes Landing

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His Story

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New 07/09/26
New watercolor of still life "Peaches"
Courtesy of Margaret Baird

New 07/06/04
New watercolor of Saltspring Island
Courtesy of Shawn Shepherd

New 06/04/25
New photograph of Stoney Creek Bridge found on EBay
CJP099 "10"

NEW 06/02/07
Brock Silversides latest book
Fort de Prairies: The Story of Fort Edmonton
makes mention of Cornelius and uses some of his images.
Published by Heritage House 2005

NEW 06/01/12
Early Architects of BC
edited by Donald Luxton
Published by Talon Books 2003.

This site is dedicated to Cornelius John Soule, his life, his family, his endeavors and the period and communities where he lived and worked.

These pages are the beginning of what I hope will be a living book.  It will be expanded as time, space and information becomes available. 

My research into my great-grandfather began in 1992.  Since then I have discovered many fascinating things which I would like to share with you.  And I hope that some of you will be able to help me discover more.

If you have any information at all related to Cornelius or anything connected to him or his family I would love to hear from you.

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by me to emulate old newspaper.
You are welcome to use it.


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Dufferin County Courthouse,
Orangeville, Ontario

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Fort Pitt, Saskatchewan - c1883

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